Pilot experience at Donostia/San Sebastian

Aranzadi Society of Sciences will implement the methodology in Santo Tomas Lizeoa in San Sebastian, with four classes of the last year of lower secondary education during the last term.

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Donostia - San Sebastian (1950-1970)

SEM@S is a competence-based project. It addresses four main competences within the curriculum: communication skills, information processing, use of digital technology, and citizenship skills. Students will store all their evidence and materials in a virtual portfolio which will be used to evaluate their work. One of the learning process objectives to develop the historical thinking. Students will analyse causes as well as the diversity of perspectives, opinions and interpretations in history to develop their critical thinking.

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Students from Santo Tomas Lizeoa

113 students will analyse the historical memory of the 2nd industrialization in San Sebastian (1950-1970). From urban and landscape changes, students will review changes in the town (demography, housing, public authorities); economy (sector and gender work distribution); and society (daily life, education, rites of passage, festivities and leisure). Within the project, students will re-discover their town, visiting buildings and neighbourhoods of the time and will interview people from their community (parents, grandparents, neighbours). Students will organize a final exhibition showing the results of their research using archive and object collections.

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